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Two Women Ejected From Hawaii, Sent To Los Angeles To Get New Negative Covid-19 Tests

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Two women in Hawaii were reportedly thrown from a plane after they tested positive for the Zika virus, according to The Associated Press. The women, who are from South Korea, were killed when their plane crashed in Mexico on Friday. Preliminary results from their blood tests showed they also had the Zika virus.

As if flying on a Hawaiian Airlines flight with a toddler weren’t enough, two women are suing the airline after they were ejected from a plane landing in Los Angeles for no apparent reason.

This story is a cautionary tale for anyone traveling to the islands of Hawaii. A family from the island of Maui was flying to Los Angeles after a vacation in Maui when, suddenly, the plane made an emergency landing. The pilot stated that the plane had a mechanical problem and that there was a potential fire hazard. As a result, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at LAX.

Two women deported from Hawaii are sent to Los Angeles for another negative test for Covid-19

img source: unsplash.com

Gary Leff 4. June 2024 In Hawaii, a negative Covid test must be presented upon arrival or you will be quarantined. But not all tests are permissible. For example, if you took the test at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, it will not be accepted because Hawaii only accepts tests from a list of trusted partners. But that’s not really true, because you can submit a test to CareNow or LetsGetChecked, because those companies are partners of American Airlines, and American Airlines is a partner – although that’s not stated anywhere in the Hawaii online guide.

So you can forgive two young women who flew from Raleigh to Hawaii with negative test results in hand – only to find out that the results would not be accepted because they were not from a listed provider in Hawaii. Sarah Blackwood and Abby Campbell took a trip to celebrate their graduation from East Carolina State University. I’ll say,

  • Hawaii doesn’t allow incoming tests
  • And they won’t let you quarantine until you get the test results.

As if the list of reliable service providers were not absurd enough, it is also absurd to prohibit the screening of passengers on arrival for a particular premium. Both women had to either spend a week and a half in quarantine or return to the mainland, get tested, and come back. They bought new tickets to Los Angeles, flew 5 hours, were tested, and returned to Hawaii. In fact, both women have already been vaccinated. His ordeal has been viewed over a million times on TikTok. They tell what happened when they rode on the Raleigh-Atlanta-Honolulu line:


@ Sarahblackwood Don’t mind my red eyes, I’ve been crying for the last two hours. …. Still, 12 hours to fly! #honolulu #covid #quarantine #hawaii #trah #covid19 @abbeycampbell0 Original soundtrack – Sarah Blackwood Imagine your disappointment when you arrive in Hawaii and discover they won’t let you in. They’ve been vaccinated. They tested negative for Covid-19. But you have the wrong papers. Campbell explains: So you basically have to get it from certain companies. We didn’t know that. We just got negative tests for COVID. And the shock was compounded when they were told to fly five hours to California for further testing.


@ Sarahblackwood Part 2 !!!!! Fixing our incredibly expensive mistake, we made it !!!!. #greenscreenvideo #oahu #honolulu #travel #fyp @abbeycampbell0 Original soundtrack – Sarah Blackwood They paid $950 to go to Los Angeles. And they met other people along the way who were in the same boat as them. I think we met about six couples in total who were there for the same reason, Blackwood said, adding that that included newlywed couples and a family from North Carolina. Blackwood and Campbell spent about six hours at Los Angeles International Airport before getting their results and taking a replacement flight to Honolulu. The women said other travelers and airport employees began to recognize them by their TikTok videos.


@ Sarahblackwood 40 hours later, we did it @abbeycampbell0 #hawaii #waimanalo #oahu #bestie #fyp Original soundtrack – Mrunal Panchal The trip from Raleigh to Honolulu via Los Angeles, Honolulu and accommodation took 40 hours. They slept for six hours. And the advice they give is to learn the rules, which reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s 1985 film Brazil.

Lake View from the Wing

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The Defense Department has deployed a military aircraft to Los Angeles to retrieve two female soldiers who were ejected from a military plane after going through a flight simulator together, the Los Angeles Times reported. The soldiers were on a plane from Hawaii to Travis Air Force Base in California. The plane landed at Los Angeles International Airport at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Witnesses said the women were laughing and smiling before they were thrown out of the plane. One person told the Times that the women were “not allowed to fraternize with the male members of the crew” and were “instructed to sit separately from the male soldiers.”. Read more about hawaii covid test rejected and let us know what you think.