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Hotel Cancels All Summer Reservations To Take More Lucrative Bookings, Hilton Shrugs

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Hotel chain Hilton has its hotel reservation site down for maintenance at the moment, but as evidenced by the following screenshot, they are also down for taking bookings for the summer. A spokesperson for Hilton says it is shut for maintenance, and booking will be back up as soon as the work is complete. The company has not responded to an email request for information about what the issue is.

If it seems like you can’t book a hotel room for the summer, there’s a reason: the big chains are choosing to cancel all their summer reservations in order to take more lucrative bookings during the off-season. This is how Hilton is planning to fill its hotels through the end of September.

Bookings for the summer season were canceled across Spain last week as the country’s hotel industry retaliated against a European Union directive that forced the nation’s largest hotels to slash their rates for European Union-based guests by 17 percent. The affected hotels had to slash their prices by up to 12 percent, according to the Hotel Association of Spain.

Hotel cancels all summer bookings to get better reservations, Hiltongrins.

Gary Leff 6. June 2024 Last week I explained that award nights at hotels are never guaranteed, that if a hotel leaves the network, future award bookings may not be honored, although paid bookings are almost always honored. You hope that the network whose points you used will do you a favor by booking a room at another hotel of equal or higher quality for the same points value. I’ve seen chains pay cash for a stay in an unbranded hotel. But this is not always the case.

It never occurred to me that this could happen even if the hotel did not cease operations, as in the case of the DoubleTree Grand Naniloa Hotel Hilo. The hotel is a 4. June to the 19th. The month of August is fully booked. Guests with existing reservations have been canceled. But despite claims to the contrary, the hotel has not closed. They just decided it was best to disrupt existing bookings and sell the entire hotel for the event. No cookies for you! Appropriations: DobleTree Hilo Turns out there’s a smoking gun.

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The hotel owners say in the video that they handed over all the rooms at the hotel as part of an event deal instead of making reservations, refunds, or payments, calling it a bargain. One of the guests who had booked a room there contacted me because nothing is being done to help those who have booked a room. Time has passed, other real estate prices have gone up, they have plane tickets, but they are stuck. Hilton then informed me that the hotel was independently owned and operated and therefore they could not speak for the hotel.

In further discussion, they suggested, Hilton strives to provide the highest level of service and will always do its best to satisfy all guests. In the rare event that we are unable to accommodate a reserved room, we will work with the guest(s) to find alternative accommodation at one of our nearby properties. If the hotel is unable to honor the reservation, Hilton Honors points will be refunded in full.

There have been times when the hotel preferred to rent a room I had booked to someone else. They contacted me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and they were open to negotiation. While I was in Thailand for the points, the Sheraton Hotel that hosted the wedding paid for me to stay in a premium suite at the Westin Hotel and paid for my meals. I have now contacted the general manager of the hotel to see what can be done for the customer who contacted me.

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In a world where hotels are desperate to fill every available room, a few bad apples have been taking advantage of that desperation to cancel their summer booking bookings in favor of more lucrative bookings in the winter. On Thursday, Hilton cancel all of their summer reservations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York City markets. According to the San Francisco Chronicle , the hotel chain has been resorting to this tactic because they feel “the low-season rates are more profitable in January.”. Read more about hilton hotels services and let us know what you think.