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Passenger Taken Off Delta Flight In A Stretcher After Drinking Her Own Alcohol On Board

img source: inc.com

Delta Air Lines employees in Atlanta were forced to make an emergency landing at the Atlanta airport on Monday after a woman drank enough alcohol to get drunk on an earlier flight and continued to drink on her next flight.

An Alabama woman has been taken off a Delta Air Lines flight at the Birmingham airport after drinking alcohol on the plane. The woman, reportedly a Delta employee, was flying from Atlanta to Birmingham to work when she was caught drinking alcohol on board. A Delta spokesman confirmed to the Associated Press that the woman had been removed from the flight.

Delta Airlines has revealed that a passenger on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Minneapolis was taken off the plane in a stretcher after drinking her own alcohol on board the flight.

The passenger on Delta flight evacuated on a stretcher after drinking her own alcohol on board

Gary Leff 11. June 2024 CBS This Morning co-host Dana Jacobson was aboard Delta Airlines flight DL1131 from Los Angeles to New York JFK on Thursday when a Boeing 757 had to be diverted to Detroit due to an unruly passenger who allegedly drank his own alcoholic beverages. She kept up a Livestream on Twitter, from people boarding to unloading the entire plane, and filmed how a passenger was carried on a stretcher.

The security situation on a Delta Airlines flight from JFK to Lux. We’ve been diverted to Detroit, that’s all we know. Delta 1131. From where I sit, I’ve seen or heard nothing but a lot of speculation. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024,

We are asked to leave the plane. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) On June 11, 2024,

A passenger told me it was a drunk passenger in the back of the plane who was out of control and drinking from a bottle. The woman next to her, according to this passenger, eventually got tired and attacked the flight attendants. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024

Let’s wait: The problem is not the alcohol served on the planes. If the airline serves it, it can control the amount. As passengers increasingly expect airlines not to provide drinks in the back seat – the path taken by Americans and Southwest – the people you least want to see drinking can help themselves. According to Delta, The flight was diverted after a problem with a customer on board. Upon landing, the client was met by police officers. We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience. Authorities removed a woman from the plane who was considered a threat and allegedly drank her own alcoholic beverages onboard, which is illegal per se. Passengers also disembarked and watched as the woman was carried on a stretcher.

There are now four officers on board at the rear of the aircraft. People are trying to figure out what’s going on, but everyone is very quiet. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024,

And according to our pilot, the passenger was out of control and a danger, so we had to land….. and we finally left Detroit an hour after we were supposed to land in New York. Good night, everyone. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024

Here’s a woman screaming that she didn’t hurt anyone, as well as other phrases recorded by a CBS co-host that are very NSFW-like, and also dangerous for homeschoolers. A passenger is evacuated from the plane – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024


As the passenger is led off the plane, she screams: Did I have a fight with someone on the flight? like that was the only justification for throwing him out. Apparently she wanted the crew and police to wait until her drunk passenger actually did some damage before responding to the situation.

Fortunately, they all made it to New York… in the end. 12 hours after leaving LAX… we’re finally home. Less than an hour before sunrise. Good night. Good night. – Dana Jacobson (@danajacobson) June 11, 2024 (HT: Paddle Your Own Kanoo)