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What Exactly is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Snowboards

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Sports and other activities are for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their gender, age, or any other personal traits. Nobody can limit who wants to partake in a certain pastime activity nor should they be able to. However, there are certain differences based on the factors that make us who we are. They usually come in the form of different equipment type and size. It is normal for any type of gear to have kid sizes and adult sizes, but what about differences in gender?

In this article we talk about one of the most popular extreme sports, snowboarding, and the difference between men’s and women’s snowboards. Snowboarding is an easy sport to prepare for since all you need is the board. Skiing is more demanding because it involves special shoes and poles apart from the skis. Not snowboarding though, but we still need to pay attention to who the board was made for. Many people are unsure if there is any gender-specific difference. In short, there is, and here we will talk about them.

Differences in Boards

img source: pexels.com

With most gear and equipment, models made for men are usually larger, sturdier, and more durable. This is because men are larger and heavier on average when compared to women so the stuff they use needs to be a bit more resistant. There is a similar story with snowboards. The differences come in three main ways, width, stiffness, and length. It is important to note that these factors are not that strict and men can still use boards used for women, and vice versa, as long as they are comfortable and as long as the board fits their physique.

Men’s boards are wider because men have larger feet than women and need more room. Toes and heels must never hang off the sides of the board so they must be wider on average. The usual 154 cm board for men is 256 mm wide at the bindings, while the same size for women is only 246 mm wide. To check out some great snowboards and find the best model for you, make sure to visit Never Summer.

When it comes to stiffness, women’s snowboards are about 10% softer than men’s. The reason for this is the lighter body weight of women when compared to men. Their boards to not need to be as stiff because they do not handle the same amount of pressure. Men use more energy when they move so the board needs to be able to handle it. Therefore, it is stiffer.

img source: pexels.com

Lastly, similar to stiffness, women’s boards are shorter in general, again because they are lighter and not as powerful with their motions. The length of the board is calculated based on the weight of the snowboarder. Some general, all-around rules to go by say that men who are 5’8” and 140 lbs. need a 151 cm board. Women who are of the same height and weight need a 148 cm board.

As mentioned earlier, women can ride boards designed and sold for men, and vice versa. It is not so much about design as it is about comfort and safety. There are also unisex boards now that anyone can use as long as they are around the required weight and height.