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Free Instagram Likes: How to Get Real Instagram Likes (2021-2022)

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200 million active users monthly — and that’s only approximately how big is Instagram.

This social media platform revolves around aesthetics and carefully curated content, in the meantime allowing big accounts to earn some money off their fame.

But fame is not built in one day — it’s a long way through tireless posting, photo and video editing, growing your audience, and creating motivation for people to engage with your content. Having visibility is not enough — activity is what really matters. Some services offer the most important metrics for affordable prices — “Soc-Promotion” is a perfect example of a site like that: https://soc-promotion.com/.

One of the most important metrics to measure the engagement and overall activity on this site are likes. Likes, just like views and followers’ count, are essential to your growth on Instagram.

Wait, but aren’t likes now mostly hidden?

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Earlier this year, Instagram decided to disable like count for some accounts. Now you can choose it yourself whether your amount of likes can be shown or not.

This update was created to decrease the pressure that comes with this social media — people used to equate their success to their like count, which led to many cases of unhealthy behavior in search of more attention. So, yeah, you can hide this metric now if you’re not comfortable with everyone seeing it.

But the most important part of this metric is its influence on engagement rates. Likes are highly important to check the response to every post and how engaging and relevant is your content overall.

Also, the Instagram algorithm uses this metrics as a measure to range posts in users’ feeds and promote them to the “Explore” tab, from where you can get more profile visits. We’d say that this metric is highly important both for your visibility and engagement, and having it hidden on main won’t affect how your profile is perceived both by people and by the algorithm.

How to purchase more likes for free

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Paid options aside, there are only two ways to get more likes for free:

  • posting high-quality content on a regular basis, engaging with other users, and using attention-grabbing techniques to boost some activity;
  • getting 10 likes daily completely for free.

We’re not gonna lie — the second one is a perfect addition to the “long way round” option. Extra 10 likes are perfect if you want to boost some activity for your profile and latest posts — this way you can promote your content and give it perfectly organic growth.

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“Soc-Promotion” is your best place to get free likes. This site provides activity for multiple social media platforms, allows you to customize your order, and offers many activity packages for the best prices (aside from totally free services). Promote your Instagram profile now by giving it a little boost of activity. This can be done in two steps:

  1. Enter the username of the account you want to promote.
  2. Verify your order and wait for the first results!

It’s free, it works, it doesn’t collect your data. “Soc-Promotion” allows you to start your Instagram growth in a safe and organic way — by receiving more activity from real users.

Try it now, and if you like how it works, you can buy a package of as many likes as you want — there’s a big variety of options to choose from.