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How To Become A Bodyguard?

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There are various reasons why some people need additional protection wherever they go. The most common cases when people are hiring bodyguards are when they are feeling threatened, afraid of attack or thieves, or if they are celebrities. The salary for this position depends on how risky it is and who are you protecting.

If you think that you are in excellent shape and that you have the appearance and skills to become a good bodyguard, it is essential to learn more about the requirements for this position. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most important steps for becoming a bodyguard.

Get a Certificate

While it is not necessary to have any document as proof that you are capable to provide protection, it will make it much easier for you to find a job in this position. The certificate represents a proof that you are capable of providing assistance in terms of protection, monitoring, handling weapons, and more.

It goes perfectly with advanced physical attributes and appearance. If you want to reach a higher level where you can be able to protect rich people and celebrities, the best solution is to complete a course at some Bodyguard school.

Besides the skills related to providing protection, handling weapons, and the ability to recognize risky situations, you will also need a certificate in first aid. It is related to some basic skills where you can treat a person who is injured, give CPR, and more. Moreover, the rules are different from state to state, but in most cases, if you want to officially become someone’s guard, the certificate is the requirement.

Required Skills

The common misconception is that to become a guard, the most important thing is to be in great physical shape. However, many other skills are necessary as well. A person who want to become a guard will need some other qualities like proper soft skills related to communication, decent abilities in detecting and solving various issues, the ability to make right choices, and more.

Also, we have to mention that a lot of people still thinks that guards are some people with messy and criminal past, and that it is their only way out or type of job they could get. In reality, things are much different. Being a guard can be an excellent position with a high salary. If you get a chance to work for some well-known businessman or a celebrity, you will earn more than $200,000 per year.

Education is Not Crucial But It Can Make a Difference

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In most cases, you will need only a high-school diploma, and some states doesn’t require even that. However, keep in mind that the high-end clients interested in protection will often look for people who can offer more than only some great physical abilities. That is the reason to work on your education if you want to reach better clients.

Having a college degree is a great bonus and it can provide you with the ability to reach some higher position in some guard team, like being the leader of the group, and someone who will provide orders to others.

Even if you don’t have a college degree, there are some professional schools and courses where you can learn more about requires skills, knowledge, and tactics that will help you to become a professional guard.

Another thing that can help and improve your chance of getting a good client is if you were in a military. It is common that many people start with their bodyguard careers when they finish missions abroad, which is often the case in the US.

Be Prepared for Challenging Situations

While it is not as difficult as many people think, and most people are hiring a team of guards to protect them, you must be prepared for risky situations and know how to react in the right way. Also, even though you will have typical working hours like any other job, there could be a case where you will have to assist and provide protection all the time.

What are the Benefits?

Keep in mind that it is a trend for many people to hire this type of protection to follow them all the time. Therefore, you won’t have any particular duties besides following standard protocols in security. In most cases, you will work six to eight hour’s shifts, and the benefits are great with a high salary, medical insurance, and more.

However, you should always check the background of the person you are protecting to know what to expect. In case that someone is constantly being threatened, and that there are clear indications that this person might get assaulted, you must be prepared for the risk.

How to Find the First Job?

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There are different methods you can use to find your first job as a guard. For example, you can start connecting with people on the training and courses for this position. Also, it is a great option to start with professional security agencies. Even though you might get some low-end positions for the beginning, it is a great way to get some experience.

Moreover, the procedure is similar to any other position. You will see that there is an open application, and you can apply and go for an interview. A lot of people in different sectors are interested in additional security. Therefore, finding your first job should not be a problem.

Last Words

The crucial part is to work on your skills, both mental and physical. If you don’t have any experience, but you think that you can be an excellent protection, the best solution is to sign for a course and training so you can improve your skills and get a required certificate.

The excellent shape and ability to handle weapons is important, but tactical and monitoring skills, along with the decision-making abilities can be even more important attributes that a lot of people are looking for when they are hiring security.