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Why Some Team Could Make A Surprising Run To The 2024 NBA Finals

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Mega sporting events like the finals of the NBA or the National Basketball Association championship evoke a lot of interest across the world. It is no wonder that people also bet their money on the outcome of the games. Fans also bet on the probability of a particular team making it to the finals.

So if you are someone who is interested in live betting on the outcomes of mega sporting events like the NBA finals, continue to read this article to know about some team that could surprise everyone.

Some Teams That Could Take Every Fan By Surprise

The Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics are a great team, and they played really well in the NBA championship the previous year. So if the Celtics make it to the finals this year as well, it may not surprise many. However, NBA matches and their outcomes are always unpredictable, and many people may not be sure of the current form of the Boston Celtics players.

However, there are many reasons for experts to believe that the Boston Celtics will pleasantly surprise all its fans in 2024. First of all, the Celtics have great players who have evolved their skills with time. Players like Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown are in good form, and they can propel the team forward in the championship.

The defense line has also been good for the Celtics. After all, the defense is the key mechanism by which a team creates opportunities to break the morale of the opposite side. A good defense also makes sure that the team can gain possession of the ball more frequently. The higher the chances of gaining possession of the ball, the higher the chance of scoring a basket.

The whole team has been in good form, and their consistent performance made sure that they reached the finals of the Eastern Conference. In fact, in one of the matches at the Eastern Conference, the team was winning a match by double digit baskets; however, the fortunes of the game changed, and the Celtics made a timely comeback to score a win.

Thus, the team can score in double digits and can also make amazing comebacks at the very last minute.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a tough season, and yet they have come out with an amazing scoreline in one of the matches. The side has also witnessed good development of the players like Allen and Garland.

However, the most important factor that has increased the chances of the team making it to the final has been its player acquisitions. It has acquired Donovan Mitchell, and it created quite a flurry in the world of basketball.

One of the biggest drawbacks of acquiring a big player is that the team has to give up on many other good players. But the Cavaliers have been successful in having many good players at the same time.

So they also have Ricky Rubio and Evan Mobley. Of these, Mobley has been touted as a promising forward who can have a major positive influence on the outcomes of a match. A good forward player makes sure that the team actually scores the basket, which actually matters when it comes to winning a match.

A good forward can score a basket from a distance of around ten to fifteen feet, and thus they can take even some of the best defensive players of the opposing side.

Despite having many positive points in their favor, many would argue that a surprising run from the Cavaliers is uncertain because they have a tough lineup to face, and they also do not have a lot of playoff experience.

The Brooklyn Nets

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The Brooklyn Nets, or the Nets as they are popularly known, can also make it to the finals of the championship. This team has faced the most doubts about their ability to stay afloat in the race. But with time, they have now become the favorites.

One of the reasons why the Nets could pleasantly surprise fans is because they have had a twelve match winning streak now. The other good thing about this team has been their offensive line. And the offense has remained rock solid for almost two years now. The offensive side is led by players like Durant and Irving, who have been consistent in their performance.

And last but not least, the defense has been as good as the offense. On the defense line, they have Simmons, who is one of the star players on whom the team can depend when it comes to important points.

The Miami Heat

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They were a surprise two years back, and they could again do wonders in the year 2024. However, there are plenty of roadblocks before the team can actually produce some surprising results for its fans.

First of all, the team has been a one man show, and there has been a lack of team effort; so if the Miami Heat is to make a mark in the championship, then Butler cannot be the only person doing all the hard work for the team.

Secondly, the problems of injuries need to be sorted out. In the past key players like Herro were not visible at all, and that was large because of his injuries. However, if the side is eyeing the championship, then injuries to key players have to be dealt with properly.


Winning the National Basketball Association Championship is no mean feat. However, surprises and heartbreaks are a constant feature at mega sporting events. So this year, it could be favorites like the Boston Celtics who could win the championship, or there could be a surprise champion like the Miami Heat or the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whichever team wins the NBA championship is one of the biggest sporting events in many parts of the world, and people who bet on sports will see a lot of activity before the finals.