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Royal Caribbean President Clarifies the Cruise Line’s Vaccine Policy

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Royal Caribbean Cruises has added a new offering to its list of offerings this year, and it’s a happy addition to its usual fare. The cruise line is launching its first vaccine-free cruise, sailing the Caribbean, from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas, with stops in St. Thomas and St. Martin.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has a problem — one that threatens to leave hundreds of thousands of passengers feeling fearful. Earlier this year, news broke that the line had changed its policy on who can be vaccinated for the flu. For some passengers, that meant not being able to board a cruise ship.

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Royal Caribbean International’s (RCL) president and CEO Richard Fain recently made comments that were critical of the cruise line’s vaccination policy, and which were later said to be misconstrued. Here’s the clarification: “There is a misconception that the Royal Caribbean International (RCL) has a no-vaccine policy.  We do not and have never had a policy of refusing to vaccinate our crew or prohibiting the administration of lifesaving vaccinations in our medical facilities.”.

Read more about will royal caribbean require covid vaccine and let us know what you think.Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bailey released a summary of the company’s vaccination policy on June 10, after the company was accused of ending its mandate to vaccinate all passengers for political reasons. I have read many different stories about our vaccination policy and thought I would clarify the current policy, Bailey wrote. This is a difficult task as we must navigate our way through the various laws and regulations that vary from state to state, country to country, and region to region. One thing is certain: whatever policy looks like today, it will evolve and change.

Some observers and industry experts have accused Royal Caribbean of foregoing mandatory vaccination on Florida cruises to please Governor Ron DeSantis, who has banned all companies from requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19. In our hyper-politicized society, the reactions were both positive and negative. Current trend In his Facebook post, Bailey asked for thoughtful responses. My only request is that you share your opinions or comments in a civilized manner, he wrote. If you could read some of the messages I got! It’s scary. Bailey outlined the current policy on June 10. as ships prepare to resume service from U.S. home ports. – All crew members of the Royal Caribbean fleet will be fully vaccinated.

The mandate applies to fully vaccinated passengers on the following ships: Adventure, from Nassau, Bahamas; Anthem of the Seas, from Southampton, UK; Jewel of the Seas, from Cyprus; Serenade and Ovation of the Seas, from Seattle; Independence of the Seas, from Galveston; and Harmony of the Seas, from Barcelona. Bailey said vaccines will also be required if the Oasis of the Seas is licensed out of Bayonne, N.J. Exceptions are made for children who have not yet reached the required age for vaccination – in the United States from the age of one year. August 12 and up. Children must undergo free testing and medical protocols. – Vaccinations are strongly recommended, but not required, for cruises on Freedom, Odyssey, Allure, Symphony and Mariner of the Seas from ports in Florida in July and August.

We expect about 90 percent of our guests to be vaccinated, Bailey writes. Guests who choose not to be vaccinated or do not confirm their vaccination coverage will be required to undergo additional medical examinations and protocols at their own expense. Children who cannot be vaccinated (under 12 years of age as of August 1) must be tested at no additional cost. – The Quantum of the Seas, which has been sailing from Singapore since November last year, follows medical protocols and guidelines set by the Singaporean government through health tests and protocols.

To date, more than 75,000 customers have sailed aboard Quantum without a single illness, he said. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines recently announced that it would be the first major cruise line to ban children under the age of 5 from being given flu shots. The reason for the change in policy was a result of a recent increase in cases of the flu in older children and adults, with 60% of flu cases occurring among children under the age of 5. Royal Caribbean is making this change because their ship has a measles outbreak rate of greater than 5% year after year. Read more about does royal Caribbean require covid vaccine and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any vaccinations for a Caribbean cruise?

When Royal Caribbean International announced it would remove the mandatory MMR vaccine from its children’s vaccination program, parents and doctors were more than a little worried. “It’s a very sad day when a company decides that it can make a profit by denying its customers all the benefits of vaccinations,” said Dr. Fred Langa, a pediatrics physician and director of the Pediatric Autoimmune Diseases Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

For all the confusion and misunderstanding over whether and when you should get vaccinated for a cruise, Royal Caribbean has come out swinging in a statement explaining its policy. The cruise line says that it does not require anyone to get vaccinated before they embark on a cruise, but it does encourage vaccination . “We encourage folks to consider getting vaccinated prior to embarkation, and we hope that our transparency will help to dispel any unnecessary concerns or fears that may be in the minds of some,” said Michael Bayley, senior vice president and general manager, Royal Caribbean International.

What happens if Royal Caribbean cancels cruise?

Royal Caribbean Cruises has been in hot water lately with the public over its practice of banning kids under two from setting foot on a ship. Now, this week, the cruise line has been in the headlines again, this time for canceling its 2014 cruise to the Caribbean. Royal Caribbean Cruises President & CEO Michael Bayley explained why the cruise line had to cancel the voyage: “The most important thing is that the customer gets what they pay for.”

Explaining that the line’s policy is to only allow kids four and under on the cruise ship. Royal Caribbean’s new policy of not offering vaccinations to crew members working at sea has been the source of much controversy, with a number of cruise lines announcing plans to give their workers the protection. However, Royal Caribbean has come out with a statement clarifying its position, saying that while it has no plans to change its position, captains and other crew members are encouraged to seek medical advice if they ever feel unwell while at sea.

Why you shouldn’t go on a cruise?

More and more many people are willing to travel the world in order to have new experiences and see the different cultures. This is especially true for people who are in the hospitality industry, which includes cruise lines. Cruise lines are a huge part of people’s travel experience, and many people spend hundreds of dollars to be on a cruise ship. Because of this, many people are concerned with the safety of their family members and friends who may be on a cruise.

It’s easy to get sucked into the lure of cruises. They’re relaxing vacations that allow you to escape the rigors of everyday life. You’re on vacation!  You’ve earned it!  And the ship? It’s nothing more than a floating hotel with food and entertainment, right?  Wrong.  What you don’t know is that you are skipping out on a lot of vital vaccinations. These vaccines prevent serious infections that can shorten your life and put you out of action for months.