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Carnival Cruise Line Issues Vaccine Mandate for Two Ships in July

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On June 4, Carnival Cruise Lines announced that it will require all passengers traveling on the company’s two newest ships to be vaccinated for the flu by July 1, 2013, and that the company will not be offering any exceptions.

In a recent order, Carnival Cruise Line is mandating that passengers on two of its ships get a flu shot. The order was made due to the fact that the company had suffered heavy losses due to the flu in 2016. Carnival also added that they will be adding the shot to their ships in July, which is when the season begins and the cruise industry winds down. In a statement, Carnival Cruise Line stated its concern with the raging disease, reporting that in 2016, they had to cancel more than 12,000 cruises due to the illness.

Vaccinations may cause a reaction in some people whose immune systems are weak. In addition, some people are allergic to vaccines, which carry a risk of disease. The  Carnival cruise line has issued a mandatory vaccination policy for all passengers on board the two ships that the company will be running in July.

Read more about will carnival cruise require covid vaccine and let us know what you think. Carnival Cruise Line has officially confirmed cruises on Carnival Vista and Carnival Breeze. Carnival Vista and Carnival Breeze depart on the 3rd. July or 15. July from Galveston, Texas. While this is good news for Galveston, the situation in Florida means that flights from that state will have to be revisited. Carnival Cruise Line says it won’t provide an update until the end of the week. This is a vaccination ban by the state of Florida.

Call to deliver the experience customers expect

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Cruises from Galveston aboard Carnival Vista and Carnival Breeze are only available to those who have been fully vaccinated 14 days prior to travel. This is consistent with the CDC’s recommendation that 98% of crew and 95% of cruise passengers be vaccinated. In a statement released by the cruise line, Christine Duffy said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s requirements for flights with unvaccinated guests make it impossible to provide guests with the experience they expect.

Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line: We appreciate the progress and support for our recovery in the U.S. by the CDC and other key federal agencies. However, current CDC requirements for cruising with unvaccinated guests present a significant challenge to providing our guests with the experience they expect, especially given a large number of families with young children who travel with us. So our alternative is to have our ships sail from the US in July with vaccinated guests. The Carnival Vista departs Galveston on July 3, and the Carnival Breeze is scheduled for July 15. July scheduled. Also read: What is the position of the three major cruise lines on vaccination requirements?

Other recommendations for Carnival Horizon?

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The Carnival Horizon is currently sailing out of Miami, but Carnival Cruise Line is still working with the state of Florida and the Center for Disease Control to take action on this cruise. Carnival Cruise Line plans to notify customers who have booked on this flight by the end of the week. We’re talking about the vaccine ban that Governor DeSantis passed on January 1. July is in effect. This goes against the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that cruise ships should not carry passengers who have not yet been vaccinated.

As Christine Duffy pointed out, the policy of test flights will not allow Carnival to offer its customers an enjoyable cruise. We’ll find out on Friday if that means Carnival will take a test cruise with the Carnival Horizon and offer guests a very different experience than they’re used to, as John Heald said in one of his Facebook Live broadcasts on Monday. Carnival also said it will update its customers and travel advisors on its plans for August flights in the coming days.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. Read more… Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise company in the world, has issued a mandatory flu vaccine for its two newest ships, the Carnival Vista and Carnival Triumph before they set sail for their inaugural voyages in July. This was the latest step by the cruise line to roll out its new “Wellness Program” that emphasizes healthier lifestyles as a means of combatting the effects of climate change. Read more about carnival cruise and covid vaccine and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carnival Cruise Lines requiring a vaccine?

Earlier this week, Carnival Cruise Lines announced that it will be requiring all crew members to receive the flu vaccine. Because the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that all healthcare professionals (including physicians and nurses) receive the flu vaccine each year, this policy will apply to all crew members who have been assigned to a ship belonging to Carnival Cruise Lines.

Nearly two years after announcing plans to prohibit its passengers from bringing onboard children under the age of two, Carnival Cruise Lines is following through and implementing the mandatory vaccination policy. Beginning July 1, 2016, children (ages 2 to 11) and infants (up to 1 year) on Carnival ships sailing on the Carnival World cruise line will require proof of vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Dtap, and Tdap vaccinations. The vaccination requirements are designed to protect against the viruses that cause hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and tetanus, and diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.

Will Carnival be cruising in July?

One of the most important factors in determining whether a passenger is up to date on their vaccinations is the age of the passenger. Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandates that every person over the age of 11 has received a flu shot, the CDC recommends that all passengers under the age of 19 receive one as well. But this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Some individuals might be medically inadmissible for a flu shot for various reasons, including medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, HIV, or cancer. Some people might have had a bad reaction to a certain vaccine, and others will not receive the shot until they have the flu. If your job involves traveling, odds are you’ve been vaccinated against the common diseases that can spread on a ship. But a recent report indicates that Carnival Cruise Lines will be forcing two ships to shut down and ship-side for a week to accommodate an anti-viral drug regimen.

What two cruise ships collided recently?

Cruise ship accidents are not uncommon. In fact, there are about 45 million people who regularly travel by cruise ship each year. Most of these people assume that once they board their ship they will be safe and that the crew will do everything they can to keep them safe. But that’s not always the case. In July, two different cruise ships collided with each other, and thankfully no one was seriously hurt (although the ships were both evacuated while the vessels were under repair).

Carnival Cruise Lines has announced today that they will require all passengers, crew and guests on the two cruise ships they own— the Carnival Triumph and Carnival Freedom—to receive a flu shot before boarding any of their ships. The announcement came as a surprise, as the mode of transportation involved was not a cruise ship, but aircraft, and not aircraft that the ships flew on, but that they were actually designed for. Although not common, collisions between aircraft and ships are not unknown, but are usually caused by the ship being on a collision course with another aircraft, or being too close to another ship.