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Best Roulette Strategies & the Best Bets to Place to Increase Your Odds

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Whenever someone mentions gambling you immediately picture either a card game or a table game like roulette. This is nothing bad a long shot it only shows which games are the most played and known out there which is why your brain immediately switches toward one or another.

Roulette is one of the top’s most famous, loved and played gambling games which is why we choose to talk about it today. We will not go doo deep into roulette as a game, but we will talk about something that every roulette player should have – a strategy. Gambling is a game of luck but luck also needs some help. This means you need to have a good strategy developed and used if you want your results to be perfect.

When it comes to strategies there are plenty of them. Some are more effective some less, some are tied to the way you play while others are tied to the length of your play, the amount of money you invest and so on. There are several strategies you can employ at the same time or you can just use one. It is all up to you but you should know that some of them may help you while others not so much.

In the article today we will tell you about the best strategies in roulette and how to increase your odds. All of what we tell you today can and should be tested right at grand rush casino, the best place to gamble, have fun and win some money.

1. 24+8

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This strategy is a very good one but it takes time and you need to be patient. What you do is take a $500 buy-in at the table and place 10 units on the first and third dozen outside, and 10 units inside on the second dozen where with each spin you are in for 30 units. Every time it lands on the first and third dozen it will be a push and if it lands somewhere inside on the second dozen you are up 6 units. It is a slow-paced roulette strategy but it has benefits. According to what we calculated, you only have four ways to lose and as far as winning is considered the odds stack like this – American table with zero and double zero you will have a win percentage of 89.47% chance to win and on the European table the odds are a bit bigger at 91.89%. now, this isn’t something you will play every time and all day long. The strategy here is to get 5-6 hits and cash in a few hundred and move on to the next table or move to the next strategy.

2. Veteran strategy

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Now this one does not have a fancy name to it so you can go ahead and give one if you like. This strategy comes from a veteran casino dealer. This guy has more than 30 years of experience behind gambling tables and he decided to share something with us. As far as roulette goes, he says that he has seen a lot of strategies and a lot of people using them, modifying them and doing all kinds of things to make them work. To be honest some of them do work some don’t it all depends on the day and their lady luck. Now what he has to advise is to try something simple. The strategy will go like this: pick a colour and make a $5 bet for instance. If you win stick to that colour and that bet amount. Do not change the colour, do not raise the bet. If you lose change the colour but retain the bet size. If you lose again double your bet and stay on that colour once more. When you win return to your original bet and your original colour. This system is easy to remember and a bit risky but hey, start with the lowest bets possible and see if it returns anything. Do not expect a huge amount of money back from this, but a certain return is a sure thing.

3. Even chance bet

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OK, another, in our opinion, a bit risky play strategy, but one that surely has math supporting it heavily. This type of bet would need you to bet six spins in a row on an even chance bet. Those are located below the table and it consists of numbers 1-18, even numbers, black, red, odd numbers and 19-36. This is a bit different depending on the casino you play at and a particular table, but you get the idea of what you are looking at and what you are after. All of these bets pay 1:1. The way this works is that you will bet against the next six spins showing up in the same order as the table layout. Now when you look at it and when you know how the roulette works it is a very long shot that all next six spins fall in the order of the table layout you are betting against. It very well may fall in that order but there are very low chances. Most of the time there are different colours, odds follow high numbers, low numbers follow low ones and so on. There is a slim to no chance that in the next six spins you will lose every time and that the table will place the ball in the exact order as the table layout. This is risky but the profits are good and you can try this one as well with the lowest possible bets just to get a hang of things. Now to do this successfully place your bets going from right to left so it makes sense. When you bet against the low number you will bet on a high number, when you bet against an even number you will bet on an odd number and so on. After you get a hit or a win, you should switch the sequence and start from the opposite side of the table and continue what you were doing with the same bet. Do not raise them no matter what.

The last thing we need to tell you about is where are the best places you need, to increase your bets. Well, the fact is that it is all up to you. if you like on-land casinos go there – Vegas, Atlantic City will offer the best of the best and most versatile games and tables. If you like online betting, again you can go pretty much anywhere in the world. All you need to do is find a reputable casino, like grand rush casino, register, get your bonuses and play. Use some of these strategies when you do and tell us if you had any luck. We know that we will try them again when we get the chance. Best of luck and gamble responsibly, as always.